[NEW LISTING] BITSTAR (BTS)/ 2021.03.11(THU) at 18:00 UTC
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BITSTAR (BTS) is scheduled to be listed on TENNTEN World.


[New Coin Listing] 

■ LISTING SCHEDULE : 202.03.11 (THU) at 18:00 (UTC) / 2021.03.12(FRI) at 03:00 in KST



※ Precautions ※

- Certain virtual assets may have the same naming but issued by different issuers. Make sure to check the Coin name and the issuer when using Coin deposit and withdrawal services. 
(When you enter incorrect information, losses may occur and cannot be restored.)

 - Transactions will not proceed when the Contract address doesn’t match, even you enter the matching name of the virtual assets.  

 - TENNTEN World does not provide any assistance on issues resulted from entering the wrong address.

1. BTS - Tamper-proof token with blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

2. Application
- BITSTAR utilizes blockchain technology to develop tamper-proof retail solutions. Also, it provides numerous applications to be implemented in every sector of the business industry. 
- The total issued volume : 20,000,000

4. Related (link) algorithms of BITSTAR (BTS) 
- The previous node-link model used addr and getaddr protocols to link the neighboring nodes without considering the geographical features, which ultimately increasing the transmission time between the nodes. To shorten the transmission time, the BITSTAR system measures the round-trip time (RTT) value between the nodes and applies the most effective protocol, creating improved related (link) algorithms. Considering the geographical features of each node will improve the transmission time. However, there are cases that the interval between nodes is calculated to be distant even if they are located in the same geographical area. To overcome the issue, BITSTAR measures RTT value, suggested by Wei Bi, and applies the most effective
protocol to increase the block transmission speed on the blockchain.