[INSPECTION COMPLETED] Server Inspection Schedule / 2021. 03. 01(MON) PM 17:00 ~ 19:00(UTC)
Weare TENNTEN World, a premium private crypto exchange. 
Aserver inspection is scheduled for system updates. 
Duringthe inspection hour, the users will be restricted to access the exchange services.
Pleasec heck the details below for more information. 
■Inspection Date: 2021. 03. 01(MON) at 17:00 ~ 19:00 in UTC or at 02:00~04:00 in KST

■Inspection Hour: 17:00 ~ 19:00 in UTC or 02:00 ~ 04:00 in KST  

■Inspection Details:
  • New Coin listing and system updates
  • Security system updates
  • The inspection may take shorter or longer than the estimated time.
  • The unfilled orders may get canceledor the or der book may get refreshed.
[Inspection Details]
■New Coin listing and system updates

■Security system updates
Byupdating the systems, TENNTEN World will improve its service platform and provide a secure and convenient trading environment for our users.

Thank You.