[NEW LISTING] ICF Coin(ICF) / 2021.01.07(THU), 19:00 (UTC)
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ICF Coin (ICF) is scheduled to be listed on TENNTEN World.


■ LISTING SCHEDULE: 2021.01.07(THU) 19:00 PM (UTC)


- Although certain coins have same naming, thecoins are issued by different publishers, therefore are differentcoins. Make sure to confirm the coin name with the publisher when youdeposit and withdraw your coin. 
(When youenter incorrect transfer information, losses may occur and cannot be restored.)
- If thecontract address is different, transaction may not occur regardless enteringthe same coin name.
- TENNTENWorld do not provide any assistance on issues resulted from entering the wrongaddress. 

ICF – A crypto to restore the boom ofblockchain projects and ecosystem
The business model of blockchain projectsresembles the business model of crowdfunding a lot, including but not limitedto: operating infrastructures and fundraising methods. For instance, blockchainfundraising projects like ICO, IEO, Soft cap, and Hard cap all derive from thecrowdfunding operating structure.
In 2019, the sudden crash of the markettremendously diminished the potentials of both the blockchain projects andcryptocurrency. As a result, all the blockchain projects rearrange theirbusiness model to remove all frauds and scams and restore their ecosystem.
'Icloudfunding' ("ICF") attemptsto reconcile the same matter. Uniquely, it handles the concept of crowdfundingwith a combination of blockchain projects and cryptocurrency.
ICFapproaches everything from the publics' point of view instead of demanding thepublic to 'pre-order' by presenting its future investment value. It discoversnumerous business strategies to successfully raise its investment profits in ashort-term period, one of the significant considerations for potential clients.Launching a business model with long-term and intricate planning willeventually benefit investors to get investment profits in a short period,remove uncertainties in investment loss, and keep a steady rate of investments.
ICFalso provides an opportunity for the public to reserve and accumulate theirwealth. The project issues a crypto "ICF" (I Cloud Funding) anddevelops its service platform for investors. It will continuously promote andprovide supports for potentially successful blockchain projects and cryptos,utility tokens ("UT"), with constant suggestions of new directions toattract investors and funds.

[Source of Information: ICF Coin(ICF) Issuer]