[INSPECTION] SERVER INSPECTION SCHEDULED / 2020.09.24(Thurs), 01:00 ~ 03:00(UTC)
Hello, we are TENNTEN, the newfeature of crypto exchange.
A server inspection and system updates isscheduled.


Login will be temporarily restricted during theserver inspection.
Please refer to the following and make sure toavoid any inconvenience this may cause.

• INSPECTION DATE : 2020.09.24

• INSPECTION TIME : 01:00 ~ 03:00 (UTC)

• INSPECTION DETAILS :- Coin listing and systemupdates                        
- Security system inspection

• FURTHER INFORMATIONS : The inspectionschedule is subject to change duet to process of update. 

• System updates for coin listing

• System updates for stabilization oftransactions

We apologize for any inconvenience theinspection may cause.
We will do our best to provide you with thepleasant and stabilized exchange services with this update.
We would ask for your generous understanding.


Thank you.