• How do I edit (cancel) an order?

    You cannot modify or cancel your order.
    Any outstanding orders that are found on the pending order list can be cancelled.

  • How do I operate the Tennten world Customer Center?

    If you have any questions, please contact [1: 1 Inquiry].
    Please note that the representative will proceed after checking the content and it may take some time.

    ▶ Check FAQ first

  • Is Tennten world service safe?

    Tennten world can keep your assets safe with powerful multi-security devices.

  • Is Tennten world a global exchange?

    Tennten world is a global exchange.
    Please note that some countries and individuals are restricted from the use of anti-money laundering laws(AML).

  • Your submission is not approved

    In case of delay in submitting documents for security certification,

    - Documents submitted are inaccurate or incomplete.
    - If the date you requested is not the same as the note you submitted

    ※ If the submitted documents do not meet the requested business, they may be delayed or returned.

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