• I want to know how to join.

    1.Click the Sign up button in the upper right corner.
    2. Please enter the correct email to use as your ID.
    3. Enter a password that meets the rules. Please enter your password again.
    4 Select country and input cell phone number correctly and click [SMS Send] button.
    Enter the six-digit verification number exactly as it arrives on your phone in the Verification Code field.
    5. Read the [Terms of Use], check the agreement and click the [Create Account] button.
    6. An email will be sent to your registered email. Check the e-mail and click the [Confirm Registration] button to complete the membership registration and login.

    ▶ Sign up shortcut

  • Is there an age limit for membership?

    Membership is only available if you are over 18 years old.

  • Can I join a corporate member?

    For corporate membership, please contact 1:1.

  • I can´t register, I can´t press the Create Account button.

    ※ If there is a red text below the field when signing up, please check the content and correct it.

    Please check below.

    - Please make sure you entered the correct email.
    - Please make sure you entered and matched the correct password and password confirmation.
    - Please verify that your country is correct when verifying your phone.
    - Please make sure you entered the verification number correctly.
    - Agree to the Terms Please check the [Required] section.
    - Please check the anti-robot check box.

  • Can I create multiple accounts with the same mobile number?

    It is based on one account per person. You cannot sign up with the same mobile phone number.

  • I do not receive a verification email.

    If you do not receive a verification email, please check the contents below.

    - Make sure the email address you use when signing up is the same as the email address you use.
    - Please check your ´spam mailbox´.
    - Please be patient as there may be delays in receiving mail depending on the mail service company.
    - After sending, the mail can be authenticated for 30 minutes.

  • I´d like to know how to withdraw from the membership.

    1. At the bottom of My Page> Edit Member Information, click [Click Here].
    2. Please check the instructions carefully before leaving the membership.
    3. Please submit documents for the withdrawal and proceed with the withdrawal.

    [How to handle a member withdrawal if it is not possible]

    - If you have money left over, you can withdraw after you empty it.
    - If there is a coin being traded, it can be withdrawn after the transaction is completed or canceled.
    (Please check the waiting order for each coin.)
    - You can withdraw member after withdrawal or withdrawal.
    - Withdrawal cancel is not possible on the site, please use 1: 1 Inquiry.

  • Can I re-join after withdrawal?

    Once deleting the initial account, the users can create another account with the same mobile number, but not with the same e-mail account.

  • Can I change my email address?

    The e-mail address registered at the time of membership registration cannot be changed.
    If you are unable to access your registered e-mail account, please contact[1:1 inquiry]

  • What is a security certificate?

    You can increase your withdrawal limit with additional verification in stages.
    Additional certifications allow you to trade safely and conveniently.

    ▶ Authentication method by security level, deposit / withdrawal limit

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